It all started here. We set up our first day care at Mohrenstrasse. This is where we developed and refined our now tried and tested concept, which in the meantime is being applied at a total of three different locations.

"I know where Mohrenstrasse is. Just where exactly can my kid run around there?" Well, how about our own garden?

Our garden is protected by the adjacent houses. It has sandboxes, an outdoor ball pool, a playhouse, slide, seesaw, swing and enough room to scooter around. Moreover, four groups have direct access to their own individual patios.

The Museum für Kommunikation is a five-minute walk away, and Tiergarten, other parks and smaller playgrounds are only two or three stops on the subway or elevated train. The good public transit connections also make a trip to Potsdam or somewhere in Brandenburg quite possible. Traffic education can thus be integrated into the daily routine of the children.

Even if the children do not play and learn outdoors, they still have plenty of space available indoors. Each group has its own big, bright room. Furthermore sports, music, and yoga take place in an additional room, specifically designed for these purposes.

A workshop with an art studio, a computer room and a world-explorer room complete the spatial amenities, creating a stimulating environment, in which the children are able, and encouraged to experiment.

There is also a separate room available for undisturbed one-to-one conversations or discussions about your child's development. You will also find interesting fliers on nutrition, the Berlin education program, languages, etc. in this room.

Have a look for yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

Your Mohrenstraßen-Team

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Mohrenstraße Management

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U-Bahn, Mohrenstr. (U2) und Stadtmitte (U2&U6)
Bus M 48, 347, 147, 200

The Team of Mohrenstraße

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