We were able to get things off the ground quickly thanks to the variety of experiences we gained at our other two locations.

This facility is located in a very verdant residential neighborhood with traffic-calming measures. There are various amenities for playing in our beautiful, big garden.

Snuggle niches, corners in which to explore and romp, an easily accessible vivarium for observing our guinea pigs and a spacious courtyard patio that can be used, weather-providing.

There are small, manageable groups of children in bright, sunny rooms.

The sliding doors between the different group areas also facilitate intergroup activities.

Furthermore sports, music, and yoga also take place in a large room that is specifically designed for these purposes.

In addition, we also have the use of a well-equipped creative area. We have an art studio, a preschool area, a scientific experiment area, and a multimedia area with computers.

Because of the easily accessible public transit, such as bus, subway, and elevated train, we can easily go on a number of different trips (theaters, Tiergarten, the woods, children's circus, etc.).

We also avail of the diverse cultural activities within walking distance of the day care (theaters, swimming pool, petting zoo, playgrounds, exhibitions, and smaller parks).

Hopefully, we have aroused your curiosity about us and look forward to your visit.

Your Schmidstraße Team

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Stefanie Conrad

Vice Management

Linda Köditz


U – Bahn, Heinrich - Heine Str.
S – Bahn, Jannowitzbrücke
Bus, M 29, 140, 147, 347

Team of the Schmidstraße

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