state-certified educator m/f/d

Welcome to the application page of our kindergarten organization Alegría! We are seeking a dedicated, empathetic, and creative individual who can enrich our educational work with passion and professionalism. As a state-recognized educator or certified specialist, you have the opportunity to work in an inspiring environment that promotes not only the development of children but also your own professional growth.

your qualification:
  • Education as a state-certified educator or equivalent qualification
  • Individual focus on working with children
  • Very good English skills (German skills advantageous)
Your tasks:
  1. Implementation of the Berlin Education Program: Actively shape the educational processes of children by creatively and practically integrating the Berlin Education Program into daily activities.

  2. Work with Language Learning Journals: Support children's language development by using language learning journals to record and promote their individual progress.

  3. Parental Involvement: Cultivate an open and trusting collaboration with parents by creating regular exchange opportunities and working together on the positive development of children.

  4. Conducting Regular Outings: Experience exciting adventures outside the kindergarten with children, fostering their curiosity and social skills.

  5. Planning and Implementation of Various Celebrations: Creatively and joyfully organize diverse events that bring not only children but also their families together in our community.

  6. Participation in Monthly Team Meetings: Actively contribute your ideas and suggestions to team collaboration, shaping and optimizing the pedagogical daily routine together.

  7. Child Development Observation: Utilize your professional expertise to carefully observe and selectively promote the individual development of children.

  8. Annual Children's Trip: Organize an unforgettable children's trip with the team, providing new perspectives and strengthening their social competencies.

  9. Guidance for Apprentices and Interns: Share your knowledge and experiences to support and nurture the educational newcomers.

what we offer:
  1. Two Annual Training Sessions: Invest in your professional development with regular training sessions to stay up-to-date.

  2. Supervision: Benefit from supervision as a supportive tool for making reflective and professional decisions.

  3. Sponsor Supports Training: Our organization actively supports your training initiatives to strengthen your individual interests and strengths.

  4. Multiculturality through Colleagues and Children of Various Backgrounds: Immerse yourself in a colorful, multicultural environment marked by diversity and mutual respect.

  5. Central Location in the City Center: Enjoy the benefits of our central location, facilitating accessibility and integration into urban life.

  6. Organic-Vegetarian Meals: Daily, savor high-quality and healthy meals that not only taste good but also promote your well-being.

  7. Flexibility to Contribute Ideas: Actively shape the pedagogical routine by introducing and implementing your ideas and creative approaches.

  8. Annual Company Outing and Christmas Celebration: Anticipate shared activities that strengthen team spirit and create a positive work atmosphere.

  9. 30 Days of Vacation: Take advantage of generous leave entitlement for the necessary rest and return to work refreshed.

If you are a passionate educator and resonate with this description, we look forward to welcoming you to our team. Join our community and help shape the future of children together with us!

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