Our company

Alegría Kiga gGmbH was originally founded as a family-operated, non-profit association in 2002. To this day, Maria del Carmen Peral Ruiz, as initiator and cofounder of the association, remains the patron of the childcare organizing body.

The company’s legal form changed in 2012 when it became a gemeinnützige GmbH (non-profit limited company), with Maria del Carmen Peral Ruiz acting as head of management of the family-run business. The business concept is based on a multilingual approach towards childcare that focuses on the languages of German, Spanish, and English. The entire family embodies this approach in a unique manner.

Headquartered in Berlin’s Mitte district, the company currently operates three daycare locations. Further locations are in planning as the demand is quite high.

The childcare organizing body’s concept undergoes regular revisions due to changes in the prevailing social and economic conditions.



Alegría Kiga gemeinnütziger e.V. is founded in Berlin, Germany, as a non-profit childcare association


The first daycare facility is opened in Berlin


The second daycare facility is opened


The association is transformed into a family-run business; the daycare facilities are now run as non-profit company


Ten year anniversary


The third daycare facility is opened